Massage is the oldest form of treatment, and it can be performed manually or by machine. Although today there are different massage apparatus, mans hands cannot be replaced by any machine. Hand massage is certainly the most effective method.

Skin massage affects muscular, nervous and lymphatic system (during a massage the central nervous system releases serotonin - the hormone of happiness!).

Let us mention some of the positive effects of massage: relaxation of the entire body, relieve of chronic pain, circulation improvement, eliminate toxins from the body, sleep improvement, blood pressure reduction, stress and tension reduction, immunity improvement, accelerated recovery after illness, concentration improvement, skin tightening.



This massage aims to remove certain medical problem (such as pain and tension, back pain, tightness, swelling, etc.). 



This specific massage technique enables deep relaxation of the whole body. This massage uses elbows and forearms, and in that way relaxes the muscles, stimulates circulation and metabolism.



Aromatherapy massage is a simple and effective method of relaxation that uses essential oils. Essential oils are obtained by extraction from different herbs. They effect the body – refresh, stimulate or soothe, purify the airways, have antiseptic and antibacterial effect and finally anti-cellulite effect.



This massage technique prepares the body to physical activity or deeply relaxes muscles after heavy physical activity. It is also useful after physical activities. Sports massage acts directly on the muscular system, improves muscle tone, reduces tension and stimulates blood and lymph circulation.

* Results may vary from person to person.

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