Beauty Treatments

Whether You want to afford Yourself facial treatment, body scrub and massage, manicure, pedicure (medical or aesthetic), or just waxing, we are here to fulfill all Your expectations. 



See our selected treatments:


THE LITTLE MERMAID (exfoliation, massage and mask)

This authentic Croatian aromatherapy treatment will awaken your senses, and conists of following treatments:

- Exfoliation (consisted of sea salt, sunflower oil, and essential oils of lavender and lemon).
-Aromatherapy Mask (consisted of base oil of almonds and olives, grain protein, and essential oils - rosemary, lavender, mint, lemon, thyme, cinnamon, oregano).
- Body Oil Massage (with almond oil and aromatherapy oils)

PRICE: 90 min 450 kn 



PRICE: 45 min 225 kn 



Treatment is aimed at all men and women who add the importance of beauty in their daily lives. It uses ingredients from the sea algae. 
The treatment begins with cleansing with milk & tonic, and is followed by facial scrub. Then we apply different kinds of creams & masks, and then we do relaxing face massage which is followed by a relaxing proffesional mask application. The treatments leaves the skin radiant, nourished and glowing. 

PRICE: 60 minutes 400 kn 


Manicure with nail polish 

PRICE: 125 kn 


Manicure with shellac 

PRICE: 160 kn 


Pedicure with nail polish 

PRICE: 175 kn  


Pedicure with shellac 

 PRICE: 75 min 225 kn 


Pedicure with nail polish and foot massage

PRICE: 225 kn 


Medical pedicure (without nail polish)

PRICE: 175 kn 


Nail polish 

PRICE: 50 kn 


French nail polish 

PRICE: 75 kn 



Hair removal - hands

PRICE: 75 kn 


Hair removal - armpits 

PRICE: 75 kn 


Hair removal – bikini

PRICE: 75 kn 


Hair removal - whole legs

PRICE: 150 kn 


Hair removal - whole legs and bikini

PRICE: 200 kn 


Hair removal - whole legs and brasilian 

PRICE: 275 kn 


Hair removal - upper lip

PRICE: 50 kn 


Hair removal - back or chest

PRICE: 125 kn 


Eyebrows shaping

PRICE: 50 kn 


Eyelash volume extensions

PRICE: 450 kn 


Eyelash extensions refill

PRICE: 200 kn (after 2 weeks) 250 - 300 kn (after 3 weeks)



* Results may vary from person to person.

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