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Harmonious body is ideal since ancient times, and exercise is the best way to achieve this goal, whether you want to lose weight, reduce the problems with back pain, or simply stretch out and feel better.

Select the type of exercise that suits you best...


Pilates method improves muscle tone, strengthen the deep muscles of the back and buttocks and shape the muscles of the arms and legs. It reduces back pain; improving posture and body build lean muscle tone. In addition to mat Pilates (exercises on the mat) there is Pilates with small balls, big balls, hoops, sticks, strips...


Circuit training which alternates different props (small and large Pilates ball, wrist and leg weights, tires, belts, rings, rods, steppers, bars...), makes this training dynamic, interesting and functional.

KINESITHERAPY (Exercises for sore back)

Kinesitheraphy reduces the feeling of fatigue, improves circulation, reduces back pain.


Medical gymnastics encompasses a range of medical exercises that aim to increase range of motion, strength and muscle tone and endurance and flexibility. It is controlled by the physical therapist in order to help at any time to correct any possible errors during execution.

Medical gymnastics is important in reduction of developing osteoporosis and strengthen bones, increase the mobility of the muscles and joints, back pain, reducing the risk of fractures and to slow the loss of muscle mass. It also raises the general mood, accelerates blood circulation, relieves stress and helps you maintain the shape of the body. Exercises are conducted using a variety of props such as Pilates balls, sticks, elastic bands, weights, etc. Medical gymnastics performed targeted, carefully selected exercises for specific parts of the body and to certain diagnoses: 

* Results may vary from person to person.

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