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Healthy skin is a reflection of the health of the whole body, but for many women and men is hardly attainable. Everyday
    speeded life, unhealthy diet and external factors - all of this affects the largest human organ - the skin, which is the most exposed and most vulnerable
    to the harmful effects of the environment.




Top German experts in Asclepion Laser Technologies have joined their knowledge and experiences and created nonablative high power medical diode laser - MeDioStar NeXT - a device that keeps the secret of beautiful and healthy skin.

MeDioStar NeXT lasers are devices of unique characteristics and outstanding performance, and are equipped with a system that cools the treated area immediately before the emitted laser pulse, thus ensuring greater comfort and safety of the patient during the treatment.

Laser treatments are becoming main tool for anti-aging treatments and treatments to solve different skin problems, from wrinkles to enlarged pores or reduced skin tone.


Laser hair removal

Laser uklanjanje dlacica

Women with excessive body hair are struggling with this issue since the time of Cleopatra and the Turkish hammams, and today the number of methods to combat unwanted hair is constantly increasing: cold and hot wax, sugar paste, razors, tweezers, waxing, electroepilation, electrical appliances for home waxing, IPL treatments or hair removal creams. All these methods have become an integral part of the life of every woman, and most women know how hard it is to maintain smooth skin without excessive body hair.



Aqua Med Medical Wellness in Split, Croatia uses dioede medical laser - German Asclepion MeDioStar NeXT - which has become the gold standard of laser hair removal. It can reach deep into the skin and, unlike other lasers on the market can treat all skin phototype of Fitzpatrick type I (light skin with light hairs) to Fitzpatrick type IV (very dark skin and dark hair). During treatment the laser light energy is aiming several millimeters deep into the skin and reaches the hair roots where photons are absorbed since they are attracted to the pigment melanin. When light reaches the melanin in the hair, it is absorbed and converted into heat. More heat is producet when hair is thicker and darker. This heat damages cells directly around the roots of the hair ie. the follicle which is responsible for the regrowth of hair, thus enabling a reduction in the number of hairs on the treated area. For maximum effectiveness of the treatment it is necessary to arrange a treatment plan with experts in Aqua Med Medical Wellness.

On average it takes three to six treatments (unlike IPL treatment ie. Intensed pulsed light where it takes at least 6-12 treatments).

Filip web

The women are not only ones to struggle with excess hair. The men often remove hair on the back, chest, shoulders and abdomen, and do this in order to participate in top-level sport (swimming, triathlon, fitness competitions ...) and for aesthetical and health related reasons (excessive sweating, skin infections, etc.).

Diode laser MeDioStar NeXT is equipped with a system that cools the treated area immediately before the emitted laser pulse, thus ensuring greater comfort and safety of the patient during treatment.

Diode laser has become synonym for safe hair removal, especially for darker skin types. Its high power reaches hair follicles very deep. Even when applying more energy, the treatment ensures minimal risk treatment of patients.

Laser facial rejuvenation

Laser anti aging tretman lica

After thirties, disruption of skin tone, the color of the face and neck is often occurring to the most women and men. As we age, our skin loses collagen and elastin decreases, which leads to wrinkles, age-spots, pigmentation changes and redness. Laser skin rejuvenation facial treatment (skin rejuvenation) is a non-invasive and non-ablative method that stimulates the growth and production of collagen. This is certainly a natural method for skin to take on a healthier and more beautiful appearance with the disappearance of surface wrinkles, improving blood circulation and reducing the production of melanin.

Treatments with Mediostar NeXT laser are operated by Danijela Rasic, MD, who is licensed by Asclepion Laser Academy.

* Results may vary from person to person.



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